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Classified Display Ads

These are classified ads that are published with images. Charged per sq. cm, they are more economical than display ads and more prominent than text classifieds. They appear in chunks together with classified ads but stand out due to the image.

About is a unique platform that helps customers book their Advertisements across 175+ newspapers in India at no extra cost. With, you can choose newspaper & publishing date for Ad to publish. Upload your advertisement details and make payments at the comfort of your home or office. Once you Book Newspaper Advertisement, track your ad status and know exactly the stage of processing. We make sure that your ad is published no matter what. At we provide you with the best rates. Get a free quote for an advertising comparison.

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  1. Visit Booknewad website then select the newspaper advertisement category.
  2. Chose the advertisement perticulers (newspaper bame and city) name and  to book ads in newspapers.
  3. Type your advertisement content with a contact number address or email id.
  4. Select the release date of your Ad, and make payment online with a secure gateway and get the invoice for your book ads in newspapers.

You need to click on this link - Classified Newspaper Boking and click on the Details button. Then select your advertisement category from the drop-down menu. You will see the list of newspaper names with the city and packages are given there. As per your need, you can choose your classifieds in newspapers name for your Matrimonial Classified Advertisement. Choose your city and click on "Add to Cart" this will redirect you to the compose page. On the compose page you need to type your ad text or ad matter with contact details. Now the time to Specify Ad Heading, this will help readers to find your ad quickly. Then select your release or publish date and make the payment online for Book newspaper Ad. We will send an email confirmation after we receive your successful payment about the classifieds in newspapers.

Yes, we have Times of India Matrimonial advertisement packages. More than 25+ packages of times soulmate are available at newspaper advertisement booking in Times of India Advertisement. Here you can find all the discounted packages of newspaper advertisement booking Matrimonial Ad in Times of India.

Benefits of booking Classified Ads in Newspapers

The newspaper Advertising method won’t bust your budget. Whether you book classified text ads or classified display ads. We never charge high prices, like those that come with other media. The rate is calculated based on how many lines, words, or SQCM of a page are supposed to be used. Single newspaper ad costs way less than other types of advertising with no complaints.

Newspaper Advertisement Booking process

Book Newspaper Ad online from the leading newspaper ad agency. Get online newspaper advertisement services like matrimonial, education, recruitment, name change, etc. Book newspaper text ads classified in leading newspapers with Get the best offers & discounts for newspaper classified and display classified ads booking. For more info about Ad booking in newspaper call us at 7098989891. So for booking simply select any newspaper and respective Ads category. Then click on the book Advertisement button. Then chose any preferred city or any discounted package. After that submit your Ad content along with the release date. Finally, make the payment and get the invoice instantly.

Online newspaper advertising booking & ad to publish in newspapers

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Ad in Newspaper for business or Public Notice & Tender Ad booking in newspaper

A newspaper ad is a traditional method for businesses and individuals. So Ads for the newspaper is still useful for our business growth and personal advertisement needs. For example; governments, public limited & private limited companies have to publish all type of financial notice in national newspapers. Not only Govt many small and micro-size organizations using the newspaper for their promotion and marketing. So do you know how to publish an advertisement in the newspaper? If no then please follow the process, select newspaper and category from the above section given for classified text, classified display, and display Ads portion. Then find a suitable package and compose the content finally schedule and make payment.

How to book new advertisement in newspapers?

Firstly chose newspaper name and classified ad category for booking advertisement in newspaper. Secondly, select any city name or multiple cities where you want to show the ad in a newspaper. Then design the ad content and specify the publication date and finally pay the bill for the ad you booked. For example, if I want to book Wanted Bride Ad in Times of India in text format. Then I have to choose The Times of India as a newspaper and Matrimonial as the category. Then I have to choose the package for Delhi because I want to publish the Ad in Delhi. Finally, I have given the content and date of release. After I make the payment I have received the Invoice in email.

Similarly, you can do this for other classifieds newspaper Advertisement categories. Let say Property Buy or sale, Name Change Ad, Obituary Advertisement, Business Ad, Recruitment Ads, Wanted groom ad, Court Notice Ads, and many more for an Ad to publish.

Newspaper display advertising:

Also known as box ads, display ads are probably the more common types of newspaper ads. They are dedicated parts, or boxes, of a newspaper page running from one-fourth of a page to a full page. Common products like makeups, electronics, and home goods, are usually found in these slots. An insert ad is a full-page ad that is added to a newspaper issue - allowing readers to remove the insert out of the paper as a stand-alone page.

Newspaper advertising advantages:

So the few main advantages of newspaper advertising are Better Reach, More Focused Targeting. Also, few other advantages are Affordability, Flexibility, Better Engagement, Early Adopters, and Inspires Action.

Newspaper advertising for the name change:

The name change is one of the very popular adverting categories in newspaper advertisements. This is actually a legal requirement for all Indian citizens if you want to change your name legally. Mainly used for name change in passport and Aadhaar card and voter card. Also, in PAN card or school certificated along with the driving license.

Newspaper advertising agency near me how ad to publish works:

If you are looking for a newspaper advertising agency near you. is the final destination for you. Because we are virtually available to all over the World. So if you looking for any agency near me this is the place for you. We are available in Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Chennai, Pune, Lucknow, Hyderabad, and so on.

Classifieds in newspapers advertising cost:

Newspaper advertising rates vary, as is the case for all forms of marketing, depending on a few factors. Some of these factors include:

Size of the ad itself - newspaper ads are sold by column inch, so larger ones that take up more print or digital real estate are going to cost more than smaller ones.

Ad to publish - putting an ad near the front of the newspaper is going to cost more than placing an ad near the back. Where you choose to place the ad on the page is another factor. But the best part is classifieds in newspapers are very affordable.

Frequency of ad running - daily newspapers will usually cost more than monthly or weekly, but the more you run an ad, the less it will cost over time. In the world of newspaper advertising, the more you are willing to buy, the more discounts you will be able to get, so make sure to inquire about any potential deals as any open classifieds in newspapers advertising space is like a vacancy at a hotel. The newspaper would rather have the space filled for less money than not at all, so keep that in mind for book ads in newspapers.

Online ad booking in newspaper with self help is the best platform for online ad booking in newspaper. Here no need of calling to customer care or visit any office. Simply you can create your personalised newspaper advertisement online and publish them from anywhere in India. Online Ad booking in newspaper is so easy now due to the wide range of Bengali, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati newspapers.

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